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The Jinxiang County great prosperous fruits and vegetables limitedliability company is a fair garlic planter, the storage, theprocessing, the exportation is a body privately operated stock-companytype enterprise. The company presently has cold storage 26, therefrigeration ability 20,000 tons, the processing factory 30,000square meters, the year exports the garlic and the product 40,000tons, exports Japan, US, Brazil, European Union and so on 44 countriesand the area, brings in foreign exchange income 24 million US dollars,the sales volume 245 million Yuan, the profits and taxes 21.7 millionYuan, the total property tops 130 million Yuan, each target occupiesthe national colleague industry front row. Successively is evaluatedthe nation agricultural products processing exportation demonstrationenterprise (national Ministry of Agriculture to issue),
The ShandongProvince agriculture industry key main item enterprise, ShandongProvince growth mid- and small-scale enterprise, the Shandong Provincecommercial hundred strong enterprises, Shandong Province “threeluminescent spots is together bright” the advanced privately operatedenterprise, the Shandong Province information demonstrationenterprise.Corporate management advanced, separately passed ISO9001,ISO14001, HACCP and so on the international authentication, theproduct quality has been fine, obtains the green, has not had theenvironmental damage, the organic product and the GAP authentication,and is awarded Shandong Province the name brand agricultural product,the Shandong Province famous trademark. The dependence contract hasexclusive selling rights, the price support, returns rents ,pattern management green and so on stock cooperation, does not haveplanter base 42,190 Chinese acres and so on the environmental damage,organic garlic, the impetus participates in the peasant household10,052 households, leads each household average year to additionallyreceive about 1,600 Yuan. The our company undertakes the ShandongProvince significant science and technology special – Jinxiang County20,000 Chinese acre organic garlic planter and the processingdemonstration base is constructing.
For further strengthens the enterprise to develop the power, to openup the farmer to additionally receive the pathway, enhances the garlicproduct technology content and the attachment value, advances Jinxiangto transform by the garlic agriculture to the garlic industry, thecompany has set up the Shandong Province Lu Henan garlic researchinstitute in the Shandong Province garlic project engineering researchcenter foundation, devotes to the garlic new variety cultivation andthe garlic profound product research, the development, already yieldedthe gradual result. In 2007 the company newly drafts the land 110Chinese acres, uses in the garlic oil, the allicin, the garlic capsuleand so on the deep processing product achievement transformation.Young great prosperous by is being full warm, the spirited fightingspirit to the group, the science and technology and the innovationenterprise rapid development, diligently advances boldly for thefoundation country level agriculture industry key main item enterpriseand the world well-known garlic enterprise. Township of the Confuciusand Mencius, good faith great prosperous, to the nature wins,great-hearted raises, the great prosperous company zealouslyanticipated your presence, altogether seeks the development importantmatter.

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