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The Jinxiang Hongchang Fruit and Vegetable Co., Ltd was founded in May, 1996 with the registered capital of 8.68 million, mainly in export processing of rural garlic and garlic products. It employs 620 persons of which 30% have a college degree or above, and includes 13 professional departments. As the focus of the Shandong Province agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, the company has a total area of 143 mu and a constructed area of 32,000 sqm and its total assets is 99,190 thousand.

 After its foundation, the company tried its best to create its own garlic product brand with the high-quality rural garlic as material. In 1999, the company registered the “Hongchang” logo of its own intellectual property rights; in 2000, it got the import-export rights and exported 2,300 tons of products to earn 3.70 million’s foreign currency. During the export businesses, the company has done its best to adapt to international market requirements, improved production technology and quality of products, and passed some Management System Certification such as ISO9001, ISO14001, HACCP, JAS, GAP and so on, it also has specified and regulated the administration programs to open a green channel for export.

 To adapt to the more and more important attention to food safety which is paid by the international market, the company has created a 16,000 mu’s environment-friendly and green   planting base of organic garlic, now 6000 mu of this base has passed the COFCC, which makes the “Hongchang” products achieve the requirements of health and safety of human food.  In many years’ export, the company has never got any problems which are caused by quality. Positive list system implemented in Japan which is bringing considerable effects on Chinese foods and agricultural products exported to Japan, and the export of the products of “Hongchang” brand are still in progressively growth. Now, the company’s products are classified as 6 categories which totally include 132 kinds, all of which products are exported to 44 countries such as Japan, Brazil, European Union, and Central & South America, and they never got problems caused by quality. In 2009, the company exported 42,000 tons’ products and earned 32 million USD; in 2008, the company was selected as the “exclusive product suppliers for the 29th session of the Beijing Olympic Games” to supply its products to the Olympic Games, it was commended and awarded by the “Committee of the 29th Olympic Games”. The “Hongchang” products have been awarded “famous agro-product in China” by the Ministry of Agriculture, and “Shandong provincial famous Brand” and “Shandong Provincial Famous Product” by the department of industry and commerce in Shandong, the company itself has also been awarded “example export-enterprise for national agricultural products”, and awarded “level AAA credit enterprise” by the Commerce Department, which make the company enjoy a relatively high social reputation.

The company now is carrying on a 16,000 mu’s environment-friendly and green   planting base of organic garlic, and it also has 20 endless-system cold stores which can save water and maintain temperature and whose storage capacity is 20,000 tons, 2 office buildings with high standards which adopt the e-commerce platform to realize the office networking, 2 employee dormitories and a 12,000 sqm’s workshop with whole steel construction. It has created a “research center for garlic engineering in Shandong” with the “Shandong Agricultural University” and become an export-oriented enterprise including science & research, plant, storage, process and export, which can help with improving product quality, modern production scale and level.

The company’s annual pre-tax profits is 23 million, its total assets has reached 99.19 million, so it has won acclaim and praise from the society, and been awarded the names of “excellent agricultural industrialized key enterprise”, “advanced enterprise which makes science serve agriculture”, “outstanding private enterprise”, “corporate star for export earning” and so on.

 The Hongchang Company will try its best to realize a rapider development by its stricter scientific attitude and management methods in its next step.

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