Garlic Farm


To adapt to the more and more important attention to food safety which is paid by the international market, the company has established an area of 16,000 mu of planting base of green organic garlic,non-pollution standardization since 2001,now an area of 6000 mu of this base has passed the organic certification of COFCC , which makes the “Hongchang” products meet the requirements of health and safety of human food, popular with the international market .

In 1999, we established an area of 5000 mu of designated planting base of reduction of fertilizer and pesticide input at the request of Japanese clients,to meet the quality requirements of Japanese customers and lay a new foundation for the good quality of  “Hongchang” products. With the development of globalization of trade, the demand for quality of our country’s export of agricultural products is more and more stringent.

The company has accelerated base construction for years to improve inner quality of products,to break international trade barriers. The company now is operatng a 16,000 mu of planting base of green organic product,non-pollution standardization with farmers, with the formation of two differentforms of cooperation: purchase contract, Exclusive Sales.

The company invested RMB 10 million for a organic garlic processing plants to produce organic garlic products,which is popular with the international market.

Positive list system implemented in Japan is bringing considerable effects on Chinese products exported to Japan,but the volume of export of “Hongchang” products is in a growth.

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