Garlic Smell Goes Abroad


It is another year that garlic sprouts go into marker. On the afternoon of the 10th, walking through garlic Tamiao Village, Zhaopeng Town, Anlu City, the hometown of garlic, you can see the garlic growers are busy harvesting the garlic sprouts in blocks of green garlic fields, and the air is filled with sweet fragrance.

“I planted one mu of garlic. The garlic grows well and the price of garlic sprouts is also good. The net income of garlic sprouts with garlic bolts is about 4000 yuan.” Besides the garlic field of Huang Zhengqing, the villager in the seven groups, his wife is harvesting garlic sprouts,with some bundled garlic sprouts in the basket.

Lao Huang said that we invest 1,000 yuan each mu for garlic seeds and fertilizers. In normal times, we can produce 1400 catties of garlic sprouts, 600 catties of garlic bolts.

“How much the garlic sprout is now? Where are they sold?”

“The purchasing price per kilogram is 2.5 yuan per catty these days. The garlic sprouts harvested are directly delivered to the garlic cooperatives of village.”

On the country road, the garlic farmers sometimes can be seen to drive agricultural vehicles, tricycles or motorcycle to transport the garlic sprouts to the village cooperatives. Before the garlic cooperatives’ door in Taomiao Village, garlic farmers gather here for unloading, weighing, accounts, settlement, so seven to eight people in cooperatives are very busy.

“Short of hand in our family this year, I myself only harvest 49 catties.” The 65 year-old grower Huang Qinggang in Group 5 of Taomiao Village said with a stack of cash. According this price, the 2.5 mu of garlic can earn 10,000 yuan this year, and he can plant middle-season rice after harvesting garlic.

Village Party Secretary and Board Chairman Huang Dongcheng said that affected by temperature this year, garlic sprouts go into market together and they can purchase 10,000 catties of garlic every day. These sprouts would be loaded and delivered to Shandong at night and directly sold to Janpan, South Korea, Malaysia and other places. More than 400 families in the village all plant garlic with the total acreage of over 800 mu, and the planting acreage in the whole town is up to 8000mu. Most of the garlic is sold to outside and the rest is sold in the local.

“The garlic quality here is very good, so we come here to purchase garlic every year. The most amounts in a year are 8 million catties. I have cooperated with the Cooperatives for more than 20 years.” Huang Yuanrong, the Director of Guangshui Foreign Trade Bureau in charge of purchasing, said.

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