Haicheng Intended to Create the First County of Organic Garlic in China


Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Agriculture Commission in Anshan that the intension of creating “the first national organic garlic county” of Haicheng county has been released overall plan.
“Geng Zhuang garlic” contains a number of nutrients.

According to the relevant staff in the Agriculture Committee, the general planning scheme of “the first national organic garlic county” in Haicheng mapped out that during the next National Twelfth Five-Year Plan period the city will enlarge the scale of garlic industies, enhance the quality and familiarize the brand through relying on Geng Zhuang, the core area of high agricultural planting. Till 2015, Haicheng will add 350,000 acres of garlic planted area, with a total area of ​​400,000 acres, accounting for 30% of the cultivated land in Haicheng, and garlic production will reach 400,000 tons, that is to say, the output value will reach 40 billion yuan.

According to experts testimony, “Geng Zhuang Garlic” has a strong antioxidant, in which zinc, calcium and six kinds of inorganic content are two times as many as white cross garlic in Shandong area, what’s more, the content of allicin, garlic polysaccharide three times as many as Shandong garlic. And the price of garlic per kilogram is three times as high as Shandong Jinxiang garlic .

the special support fund of garlic industry development will be set up.

It is known that Haicheng is planning an annual increase of ​​90,000 acres of garlic cultivation from next year. Haicheng will build s20tandardized garlic demonstration gardens, 50 planting basesof thousand acres, 300 planted areas of hundred acres, planted areas of 50 acres in 2015, at that time the whole garlic planted area will reach 40 million acres in Haicheng.

In addition, Haicheng will establish special support fund for garlic industrial development, supporting garlic farmers, related businesses and research institutions who are planting garlic in the planning area.
Meanwhile, Haicheng will increase the relationship with the national universities and colleges, scientific research institutions, deeply carry out the development, promotion and application of new products and technology of garlic cultivation processing. They will creat the research and development platform in agricultural area as the biggest garlic R & D center in the northeast, even over the country and ensure the quality of garlic, so that they can succeed by high quality.
Currently, the city has totally contracted more than 10 fruit and vegetable further processing enterprises. The beneficial Japanese program of black garlic with a total investment of 30 million has completed a pilot production,and Jiangsu Runheng and Baodi program of food logistics with a total investment of 40 billion is carrying forward.

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