Jinxiang Development Organic Garlic Base


Jinxiang Shandong each year invests 5 million RMB to reward new high standard organic garlic field and organic base model authentication. To further promote garlic brand, Jinxiang garlic changes the traditional planting mode and develops organic garlic industry. They have cultivated 10000 mu of organic garlic.

To control the pest and disease in spring, each organic garlic base of the county, based on the prevention and control in agriculture, uses physical prevention and control methods, and use the sweet and sour basin to kill flies: generally place sweet and sour basin (vinegar, sugar, water, and the wine are mixed with the ratio of 4:3:2:1, each basin has 1 kg mixture) evenly in the field in mid-march, 20 basin each mu; use blue plate and the yellow board to kill flies, thrips, aphids, etc. 30, 40 slices per mu; use insect lamp kill insect, a lamp for every 100 mu. “Physical prevention” is proposed for the maladies of the traditional “chemical agriculture”, especially for serious environmental pollution, using electric, magnetic, sound, light, heat and other physical methods without residues, which can solve the agricultural increase of production and income and reduce the environmental pollution, thus making a sustainable and efficient modern agriculture development way.

At the same time, 11 technical guidance groups are sent to provide all-round technical guidance for signboard, land number board, isolation facilities, water construction, monitoring facilities construction, the crop, the surrounding environment and base office construction in organic garlic production base.

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