Magical Homemade Garlic Face-lift Mask


Ordinary garlic can become a face-lift mask after DIY. Enjoy the fun of doing by yourself without paying a lot of money. Let’s have a try.

Materials: garlic, green bean powder and mask cloth.


Step 1: Peel garlic and microwave with medium low heat for two minutes (to remove its taste).

Step 2: Put it into blender with 1000cc of water, mince and filter.

Step 3: Soak the mask in garlic juice.

Step 4: Put some green bean powder in a small bowl and add the garlic water.

Step 5: Spread them on the mask and apply on the face.

Step 6: After 5-10 minutes, clean face with water.

Function: lift face, treat acne, exfoliate, and whiten skin.

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