Spinach and Garlic Boost Sexual Climax


Many Indian experts together recommend spinach and garlic boost sexual climax.

A lot of people fell disappointed to sex lack of sexual climax. Doctor Ashe Khosla, an Indian nutritionist says some food has some help to boost orgasm perception for they help to promote the blood circulation, and improve the level of androgens and dopamine. The latest article in India Times recommends some food for readers helpful for orgasm.

1. Spinach. In addition to grow strong, spinach can be called “natural Viagra”. Indian nutritionist Doctor Aishwarya Rayan says spinach is rich in vitamin E which is the catalysts secreted by sex hormone in human body. Spinach is also rich in manganese that can promote the generation of estrogen.

2. Plant seeds. Doctor Sanjana Sekiya, a nutritionist in Delhi, India, says flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, melon seeds and other plant seeds can help to improve the sex hormones.

3. Seafood. Doctor Rayan thinks both fish and oysters contain the magic material to help sex. The Omega 3 fatty acids can strengthen the human metabolism and keep human vigorous; and it also improve the level of dopamine in the brain and enhance sexual pleasure.

4. Fruits. All the fruits, especially the fruit rich in vitamin C, are very important to improve sex satisfaction. Many results show that the daily intake of 500-1000 mg of vitamin C helps to improve the male sperm’s quantity and quality. The most recommended fruits include citrus fruits, kiwi fruit and berries.

5. Chili powder. The appropriate seasoning can not only make food more flavorful, also let sex hotter. Dr Sekiya says peppers, red peppers and raw gingers can promote the blood circulation, improve the quality of sex.

6. Garlic. Dr Sekiya says “garlic smelly” may make sex aggravating. But garlic indeed can improve the sexual ability. It is more likely to achieve orgasm and improve the quality of sex to add garlic in the food.

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