The More the Better is not Suitable for Garlic.


Germany garlic institute recently invented a biological product of whole garlic extract called “time lens”, which marks the human use of garlic has made new development.
The experts also point out that the more the better is not suitable for garlic. As eating a lot of garlic will affect the absorption of vitamin B, and also have a stimulating effect on the eye, which can trigger eyelid inflammation, and conjunctivitis.
In addition, garlic should not be eaten when limosis. Because garlic has strong stimulation and corrosivity, gastric ulcer patients and people with headache, cough, toothache and other diseases should not eat garlic. Eat garlic once a day orevery two days and 2-3 petals for one time.

Many people do not eat garlic because of fear of the smell of the mouth after eating, which would affect the communication with others. In fact, a cup of coffee, milk or green tea can play a role in eliminating bad odour after eating garlic. You can also chew some green tea, and the effect is the better. Usually prepare some chewing gum,and they will be needed after eating garlic.

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