The Smellier, the Healthier for Women


A lot of people will avoid the smelly things and resist the food strong smell. Actually, to woman, the more smelly food is more beneficial to the body.

Durian—ease dysmenorrheal

Durian has strong smells so it is not exaggerating to say it “stinking up”. But in Thailand, durian is often used as dietary supplements for the body of a patient, postpartum women because of its high nutritional value. Durian’s quality is hot. It can invigorate the cold, alleviate dysmenorrheal, especially suitable for women troubled by dysmenorrheal; it can improve abdominal cold symptoms, promote the body temperature to rise, so it is the ideal supplements for the cold constitution; in addition, the nut shell of durian with pig bones are boiled together, which is also traditional secret recipe of diet therapy in folks. Although durian has many benefits, it is not good to eat too much a time, or it will cause the body generate scorching heat and cause “fire” incompletely absorption of intestines and stomach.

Garlic—brighten hair

Many women worry about eating garlic can lead to bad breath;In fact, it is the female’s “health guard”. A large epidemiological investigation shows the cancer rates of people in garlic region and long-term eating garlic crowd are quite low. Nutrition experts say everyday eating half a clove of garlic can inhibit breast and ovarian cancer. Modern medical research proves garlic has the very strong antibacterial function and be effective to vaginal trichomonas, amoeba and other pathogenic microorganisms. Half a garlic clove every day can play good preventing and curing function.

Chinese toon—help pregnancy

Research has shown that Chinese toon contains vitamin E and sex hormones material and slow down aging and nourish Yin and Yang. It has certain curative effect on infertility, so it is called progesterone. Nutritionist introduces Chinese toon contains cedrela sinensis element and other volatile aromatic organic vegetable which can invigorate the spleen and whet the appetite. It has the effects of clearing heat, promoting dieresis and detoxification. It is good medicine to assist treating enteritis, dysentery, urinary tract infection.

Mustard—make complexion ruddy

Nutritionist told the reporter that mustard with strong spicy smell strong stimulating fuction, can adjust female endocrine to enhance sexual function, and can stimulate blood-vessel outspread enhancing the facial blood run to make women complexion ruddier. He said the main components making mustard degusting are isothiocyanates. This kind of composition can not only prevent tooth decay, but also prevent cancer and blood vessel plaques deposition, and auxiliary treat asthma. In addition, mustard also can prevent high blood fat, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and reduce blood viscosity.

Parsley— prevent osteoporosis

Medical research shows that after 40 years old human’s bone formation is less, the bone cortex is thinner, especially for women. At this time, the bone cortex is as thin as shell and fragile. The expert reminds women into a middle age should eat more food containing boron in order to help the body absorb minerals and protect the bones. Parsley contains a lot of boron. In addition, parsley is rich in iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C and other elements, helpful to maintain blood glucose stable and prevent cancer.

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