Whether eating garlic can increase or reduce sperm?


Why eating garlic can make a man happy in bed? Can we believe this secret of increasing sperm? If you really want to eat, how much should you eat? Should it be eaten rawly or cooked?

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Sorry, the scientific research that “garlic can increase sperm” is extremely rare, and meaningful scientific evidence can not be found. But scientists still hope that men and women eat more garlic,why? Because garlic is the best way to fight against cancer.

The study found that the components of garlic “double sulfur compounds (diallyl disulfide)”, can remove the carcinogens in the body, so it is indeed worth listing on the recipe of food therapy.

How much should we eat to be effective? If you can stand the smell of garlic and spicy taste, you can eat half a ball of raw garlic. If you really can not eat raw garlic, put four or five balls of garlic cooked and eat, which is still effective.

Although garlic is good anti-cancer food, do not eat too much in case intestines and stomach discomfort, which turned out to be a clumsy sleight of hand.

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